jPaq - Build Your Own JavaScript Library!

jPaq is a small JavaScript/JScript library that can be customized so that it only contains exactly what you want.  This gives you, the developer, the ability to use JavaScript files that only contain the code that you need.

Why Use It?

  • It is small, even before being minified.
  • Every browser function and object is tested accross all of the main browser:  IE6+, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.
  • The code is fast and reliable.
  • It is compatible with other libraries.
  • It provides capabilities not yet used in JavaScript, such as using wildcards to match and replace parts of strings.
  • It is can be designed by you, with only the necessary parts included.
  • All of the functions and members are fully documented.

Try It Out!

The following example will change the background of the textbox to a random color, while the forground (text) will change to a color that can easily be seen in front of it:

The following shows you how to search strings by using wildcards and even how to replace what you find: