jPaq Docs - Miscellaneous


General functions and objects which make the development process easier.

Menu Items

  • alert()
    Gives the user the ability to show a dialog box with a message, title, and specific icon. This function is very similar to VBScript's MsgBox function.
  • Date.prototype.format()
    Gets a string for this date, formatted according to the given format string.
  • Function.prototype.curry()
    Takes one or more arguments and stores them to be used when the returned function is called.
  • jPaq.extend()
    Adds properties that exist in one object to another object.
  • jPaq.GET
    An object containing all of the values passed from a form with the method set to "GET".
  • Math.randomIn()
    Generates a random number.
  • Object.keys()
    Gets an array of all the enumerable properties that belong to the specified object.